Military Knowledge: Fateh-110 Ballistic Missile

Wednesday 19 October 2022 - 15:22

Fateh-110 ballistic missile is an Iranian short-range solid fueled tactical ballistic missile with a detachable warhead. Fateh-110 is considered as one of the most produced types of missiles manufactured by Iran. According to the latest estimates, Iran possess a large number of missiles of the Fateh family.

Fateh 110 missile is produced by the Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO), a subsidiary of Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics. According to the available information, the first tests of this missile were carried out in 2002. Fateh-110 is one of the most popular types of missiles produced by Iran’s military industrial.

In the past 30 years, the development of the Fateh-110 missile has been carried out on the basis of “increasing the range and increasing the accuracy” and its various types have been produced over time. Therefore, in 2012, a version of the Fateh-110 missile with a pinpointing accuracy and an error rate of 10 meters was produced.

Fateh-110 missile should be considered as Iran’s first important step in designing a solid fueled ballistic missile. The ignition mechanism of Fateh-110 is single-stage and uses solid fuel.

So far, 10 generations of Fateh-110 missiles have been built, and their specifications are as follows:
Fatih-110 generation 1: with a range of 200 km
Fatih-110 generation 2: with a range of 250 km
Fatih-110 generation 3: with a range of 300 kilometers and high accuracy
Fatih-110 generation 4: with a range of more than 300 km and pinpoint accuracy
Persian Gulf missile: an anti-ship type
Hormuz 1 and Hormuz 2: an anti-radar type
Fateh Mobin missile: anti-ship type with optical guidance
Zolfaghar missile: with a range of 700 km
Dezful missile: with a range of 1000 km
Raad 500 missile: with a range of 500 km

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Fateh-110 ballistic missile is able to target and destroy land and sea targets, enemy gathering points, command centers, ammunition depots, radars and other targets with high accuracy. The error rate of Fateh-110 missile is estimated to be less than 10 meters.

The warhead of Fateh-110 missile is detachable type. Detachable warhead, while reducing the negative effects of connecting the body to the warhead in the final phase of the attack, reduces the possibility of intercepting by enemy air defense systems and reduces the probability of enemy air defense missiles hitting the Fateh-110 warhead.

Fateh-110 missile has high agility due to its light weight and small dimensions, and like other missiles of the Fateh family, it can be installed and launched on a mobile chassis. This increases its survivability on the battlefield.

The effective range of this missile is 300 km and its final range is estimated between 400 and 550 km.

One of the most famous operations of Fateh-110 is the attack on the headquarters of the terrorist group of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI) in September 8, 2018. In this operation, Fateh-110 missiles were fired from a distance of 230 km towards the headquarters of the KDPI terrorist group in Koysinjaq in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and very accurately targeted the meeting of their leaders. In this precise attack, 16 members of KDPI were killed, including 6 members of the central committee of this terrorist group. This attack was carried out in retaliation for the martyrdom of a number of IRGC servicemen who were killed by KDPI in July of the same year in the west of the country.

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The operation against the Mossad base/villa near the Iraqi city of Erbil is another important and impressive operation of Fateh-110 ballistic missiles. In the morning of March 13, 2022, the IRGC Aerospace Force targeted the secret and sensitive center of the Israeli regime near the new US consulate in Erbil, with at least 10 ballistic missiles. Some of the missiles used in this operation were Fateh-110. The IRGC stated that the reason for the attack on the Mossad villa near Erbil was a response to the Israel’s recent evils activities against Iran national security.

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Fateh-110 ballistic missile specifications:
Length: 8.86 meters
Diameter: 0.61 meters
Weight: 3450 kg
Warhead: high-explosive up to 500 kg
Engine: single stage solid fuel
Range: 300 km
Speed: Mach 3
Guidance: Inertial and global navigation satellite system. (+some versions with electro-optical terminal)
Accuracy: 10 meters CEP
Origin: Iran

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Collection of posters of Fateh-110 Ballistic Missile in Russian (Баллистическая Ракета Фатех-110), Persian (موشک فاتح 110), Chinese (彈道式導彈 法塔赫-110), Hebrew (טיל בליסטי של פאתח-110), Arabic (صاروخ البالستي فاتح 110), Azeri (Ballistik Raketi Fateh-110) and Kurdish (موشەکی بالیستی فاتیح 110):

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