Militants of Quneitra Will Evacuate! ; Reconciliation Agreement in Quneitra

Thursday 19 July 2018 - 13:17

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After spectacle victories of Syrian army in Daraa province, the reconciliations reached to Quneitra province and they have no choice unless to accept it.

While the Syrian army is wiping out the armed groups in the depths of the southern regions of Syria; there is news of an agreement reached between the Syrian army and the armed groups of the province of Quneitra.

Although the deal has not been officially announced by the Syrian media, however, given the past experiences, it is possible to say that the agreement will be implemented.


According to the news, some of the conditions of this agreement are as follows:

– Immediate ceasefire on all fronts of the Quneitra governorate.

– Evacuation of militants and who are not willing to settle to Idlib province and determine the status of those who wish to stay in their areas.

– Surrender of heavy and medium weapons to the Syrian army.

– Return of the Syrian army to the borders (agreement) of 1974 and the areas that they were there before the year 2011.

– Form a committee to follow up the file of detainees.

– Delivering of Tal al-Jabiya in northwest of the city of Nawa to the Syrian army to ensure that ISIS does not progress in this direction.


We have to wait and see how this agreement will eventually be implemented.

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