Syrian Army Advances Against ISIS in Quneitra Province 24 July 2018

Wednesday 25 July 18 - 08:32

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Army and its allies succeeded to repel ISIS terrorists from southeastern part of Quneitra province.

In recent days, with the surrender of the Quneitra militants to Syrian army, some of the southern villages in the province of Quneitra have been evacuated from militants, and the ISIS in the region has benefited from this vacancy and seized the villages.


But the Syrian army and its allies did not let ISIS terrorists to stay in this villages and resumed their ground operations against ISIS yesterday and today and succeeded to recapture most of the lost areas, such as Ghadir Bustan, Al-Ma`laqa, Um Loqis, Bassah Sharqi, Bakar and Bakar Sharqi.

Operation continue in this axis.


HQ Map

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