SDF press conference in front of al-Sina’a prison; Continued clashes in Ghuwairan neighborhood + Images

Thursday 27 January 2022 - 01:21

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) held a press conference in front of Al-Sinaa Prison in the Ghoyran neighborhood of Hasakah, describing their seven-day clash with ISIS elements.

“The whole prison is now under control, and the prisoners are being transferred to a safe place,” Nowruz Ahmed, one of the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, told in a news conference outside of al-Sina’ah prison after that clashes between Kurdish militias and ISIS elements ended.
He added: “In the past and before this attack, the ISIS group had tried to attack al-Sina’ah prison two more times, but their offense was thwarted by our security forces. Their offensive was stronger this time, and according to the information we have received from the attackers, the preparations for this invasion were already made.” Nowruz Ahmad stated: “Our operation continues in the region.”

More than 10,000 Kurdish militants have taken part in these clashes, according to SDF media.

The exact number of civilian casualties remains unknown, but it appears that at least 130 people were killed during the clashes at al-Sina’ah prison in the city of Hasakah.

It must be noted that, on the evening of January 20, several ISIS elements (200 to 300 people) attacked the al-Sina’ah prison by detonating two car bombs near the prison. A significant number of ISIS prisoners escaped after the heavy clashes broke out. These clashes continued for seven days in and around the prison and finished on January 26. According to the SDF, around 1,000 ISIS members and ISIS prisoners who managed to escape from prison were detained by Kurdish militants during the clashes.

Although the SDF has spoken of an end to the clashes and a complete takeover of al-Sina’ah prison, gunfire still can be heard from the Ghuwairan neighborhood. It appears that the operation to clear the Ghuwairan neighborhood and clash with a small number of remaining ISIS elements continue.

One of the significant and dangerous points of the al-Sina’ah prison riot is the escape of ISIS prisoners with a long history of fighting in the rank of al-Qaeda and ISIS. According to the available information, several key members and commanders of ISIS have so far escaped from Sina’a prison. Abu Dajana and Abu Hamza al-Sharqiya is two fugitive ISIS commanders. Abu Dajana was one of the Iraqi commanders of ISIS in al-Raqqa province, who had previously served as one of al-Qaeda commanders in Iraq during al-Qaeda’s years in Iraq, and joined ISIS in later years. Abu Hamza al-Sharqiya was also one of ISIS’s field commanders in Aleppo province, who was captured by the SDF years later in the battles of Baghuz.

Due to the prolongation of the clashes in the city of Hasakah, it seems that other prominent commanders have also managed to escape, and in the coming days, their names and details will be more apparent, An issue that will further undermine the security of the Iraqi-Syrian border regions.

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