Latest Updates on Eastern Front of Syria and SDF “Island Storm Operation” against ISIS in this Front

Tuesday, 31 July 2018 - 09:30

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In the second stage of “Island Storm Operation” performed by SDF in east of Syria, about 3,400 km2 has been cleared from ISIS terrorists so far.

Second stage of Island Storm Operation has begun on June 4 with support of US Coalition in east of Syria against ISIS. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) could reclaim the important village Dashishah near passage Tal Saffuk on the border of Iraq and Syria on June 17.

After reclaiming village Dashishah, SDF joined Iraqi troops present in passage Tal Saffuk and after seven days of joint operation, could clear regions under siege in north of Dashishah such as Tal Manakh, Matari, Rujm Hajar..etc.


Next phase started on July 1 aiming to clear southeast of Hasakah province which was occupied by ISIS.

Due to uneven terrain of regions between southeast of Hasakah province and east of Deir al Zur, it is a safe place for ISIS terrorists; however, SDF with military and intelligence help of Iraqi forces and US Coalition could recognize key points and capture them and force terrorists retreat step by step.



The operation which was started on July 1, although progressing slowly, but has good achievements for SDF and in the previous month, east of Hasakah province has been cleared completely from ISIS terrorists and clearing east of Deir al Zur has started.

The latest regions cleared in Deir al Zur are advancing for 35 km along the border and reclaiming Wadi al Rawdha.


In Hajin axis, in despite of sporadic engagements, there is no significant change in positions and SDF are focusing on clearing east of Deir al Zur.


HQ Map

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