Latest Updates on Military Situation in South of Syria; South of Syria is Liberated Entirely!

Friday 3 August 18 - 18:25

Islamic World News Analysis: After entering Syrian Army to the remainder of the area of Quneitra province and rebels evacuating Quneitra and Daraa provinces, control of south of Syria is once again in the hand of the Army after several years.

During the last few days, Syrian Army could reclaim the entire border between Quneitra province and occupied Golan.
Army troops also entered other areas of Quneitra province such as Ufaniya, Jubata al Khashab and Ber Ajam, which were occupied by militia.

According to eyewitnesses, in a period of 16 days from 15 to 31 July, about 10,000 of rebels with their families transported from provinces Quneitra and Daraa to Idlib province in eight stages. Thus it can be claimed that provinces Quneitra and Daraa are free of militia.

UN forces are coming back to their positions at the border of occupied Golan
According to reports and evidences, Syrian Army units are transported to east of Suwayda to confront ISIS threats and more forces from Damascus and other parts of Syria are in the way to help with liberation of deserts of east of Suwayda

Download HQ map of Southern Syria

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