U.S. Military Adviser Killed In Yemen

Sunday 19 March 2023 - 16:58

ISWNews Analysis Group – One of the US military advisors in Yemen was killed following the clashes between the Amaliqah and the US forces in Shabwah province.

According to local sources in Shabwah province, an American serviceman was killed in the clashes after the verbal tension between the American and the Amaliqah forces at al-Marrah base located in the suburbs of Ataq city, the capital of Shabwah province. The conflict occurred after the Americans had a dispute with Salafi members of Amaliqah over the control of the audio system of the al-Marrah base prayer hall.

After this incident, the Saudi-backed government of Yemen has issued an order to arrest eight members of Amaliqa forces. Also, a helicopter has transferred the body of this American serviceman to a military ship in the Arabian Sea. However, the local authorities of Shabwah province have denied the occurrence of a conflict and the death of an American at the Marrah base.

Al-Marrah base is one of the military bases of the Yemeni army in Shabwah province, which is located in the northwest of Ataq city. This base is one of the places that was occupied by the American advisers after the expulsion of Islah Party militants from the city of Ataq, and it plays an important role in ensuring the security of this area.

Al-Marrah base on the interactive map

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