Assassination of the Salafi commander of Al-Amaliqa forces was failed

Monday 25 July 2022 - 16:20

ISWNews Analysis Group: The assassination of Major General Azzam al-Maghrabi, the commander of the second brigade of Al-Amaliqa forces in Lahij province was failed.

One person was killed and several others were injured when an unknown armed person threw an explosive device into Al-Saeed Mosque in Sabr town, located in Tabn district in Lahj province. This attack took place during sunset prayer and the presence of Major General Azzam al-Maghribi al-Sabihi, the commander of the second brigade of Amaliqah forces in this mosque.

Azzam al-Maghribi is one of the most prominent Salafi and radical leaders of the Saudi coalition, who is in charge of the second brigade of the Al-Amaliqah forces. After the increase of political competition and military conflict between the members of the presidential council of the resigned government of Yemen, Al-Maghribi plays an active role in the conflict with the armed members of the Southern Transitional Council. Therefore, it is possible that the attacker carried out this attack under the orders of the southerners…

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