Ansar Allah Raids Positions Of Amaliqa Brigades In Shabwah Governorate (Map)

Thursday 30 March 2023 - 18:19

ISWNews Analysis Group – During an attack by Ansar Allah movement on positions of the Amaliqa Brigades and Shabwa Defense Forces in Markha al-Oliya district, located in western parts of Shabwah Governorate, Ansar Allah inflicted heavy losses on the Saudi-led forces.

In the new round of offensive attacks on the positions of the Amaliqa Brigades and Shabwa Defense Forces, Ansar Allah movement succeeded in capturing Khashiba Ridge, Shamakh Arba’a and Al-Hillah areas in Markha al-Oliya district. The regions are among the defense lines of the Saudi-led militants in the western parts of Shabwah Governorate. The Ansar Allah movement retreated from these regions after inflicting heavy losses and tolls on the Amaliqa Brigades and Shabwa Defense Forces as well as destroying the trenches and defense facilities of the coalition forces.

The second round of the offensive attack by the Ansar Allah fighters kicked off on March 27 in Markha al-Oliya district and they concluded the strike on March 28.

The Amaliqa Brigades released images to claim that they could shoot down a Rased reconnaissance drone and a Rajum hexacopter.

The offensive attacks by the Ansar Allah movement in Harib district, located in southern Marib Governorate, as well as the western front of Shabwah Governorate started following provocation and violation of the ceasefire by the Amaliqa Brigades in middle of March 2023. The scale of tolls and losses has astonished the authorities of the Shabwah Governorate.

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