Infographic: Eight Years of Steadfastness

Friday 24 March 2023 - 13:57

The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Yahya al-Sari’ provides the statistics of eight years of sacred defense against the Saudi coalition invasion of Yemen.

The spokesman for the Yemen Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, on the occasion of National Resistance Day presented the statistics of eight years of fighting with the Saudi coalition.

General Yahya al-Sari’:
“With God’s help, our forces were able to stand firmly by our people and neutralize the declared and undeclared goals of the aggressors.

The number of attacks by aggressor fighter jets has been more than 274,302 attacks, including 59 attacks last year.

The invasion and siege of our country was carried out under the leadership and supervision of the US and with the participation of Westerners. In the past years, we have monitored the participation of each country in the aggressor coalition. We ask the educational, media and cultural institutions of our country to document all the crimes of the aggressors and the resistance of our people.

Our forces performed more than 13,229 military operations during the battle against the enemy’s brutal attack. Among these operations, we can mention 6702 offensive operations, 6527 defensive operations, neutralizing offensive efforts and enemy advances.

The missile force has carried out 1,828 military operations, including 1,237 operations targeting enemy gatherings inside Yemeni territory. 589 missile operations against the enemy were targeted outside of our geography, which included operations in the depth of the Saudi and Emirati enemies.

We continue to multiply our strategic missile stockpile as a deterrent that has proven effective over the years.

In the last 8 years, the Air Force has conducted 1,2009 operations, including 3,264 offensive operations and 8,745 reconnaissance operations. UAVs have carried out 2,267 operations inside Yemen and 997 operations abroad.

The total air defense operations in the last 8 years reached 4585 operations, including 2022 destruction and hits and 2565 defensive operations. Air defense managed to shoot down 165 reconnaissance and offensive drones.

13 fighter jets, 10 Apaches and 6 helicopters, including the Black Hawk helicopter, were shot down.

48 US Air Force drones were shot down and 123 other spy drones were shot down.

The Navy and Coastal Defense have carried out 38 special operations in the last 8 years, targeting Saudi and UAE naval vessels was a part of it.

The total number of operations performed by ground units in their different units has reached 25,000 different operations.

The total number of sniper operations since entering the battle line reached 71128 operations. The operations of the eighth year amounted to 5213 sniper operations, of which 3374 operations were recorded in audio and video form.

Among the operations of engineering units, 22,854 were enemy gatherings and 24,907 offensive and defensive operations.
The number of operations of the engineering unit that targeted enemy tanks, personnel carriers and military vehicles was more than 4414 operations.

The total number of operations of the anti-armor unit during the last eight years amounted to 7942 operations.

From anti-armor operations, 3082 enemy fortifications, gatherings and barracks and 4860 vehicles were targeted by the enemy.

The total number of operations carried out by the artillery Unit during the last eight years amounted to 85,634 operations. Out of this number of operations, 1150 joint operations were carried out with UAVs and 15269 operations were carried out with Zilzal-1 missiles.

The losses of the Saudi enemy army have been more than 10,840 people killed and injured in eight years. We announce the killing of 36 Saudi officers and soldiers and the wounding of 45 others in the eighth year of the aggression.
The losses of the Emirati enemy are more than 1,251 killed and wounded, including senior officers.
The number of dead and wounded of the Sudanese army reached more than 9545. More than 40 Sudanese officers and soldiers were killed and 65 others were wounded in the eighth year of the aggression.

The casualties of Yemeni mercenaries have been more than 261,243 killed and injured in eight years. In the eighth year, the number of dead Yemeni mercenaries exceeded 2,500 and more than 5,550 were injured.

Our forces managed to destroy or set fire to more than 18,397 armored personnel carriers, tanks, vehicles, bulldozers and weapons. More than 10,618 cases have been documented including the operations that led to the destruction, damage and burning of enemy vehicles, bulldozers and armored vehicles.

During the eighth year, more than 1,000 vehicles, armored vehicles and military equipment were destroyed or damaged.

Continued aggression and blockade means that the aggressor countries and their followers will suffer more losses.
Continuing the battle will only lead to more conflict and work on other legal options to defend our country.
The regimes that started the aggression should learn lessons from the strengthening of Yemen and what happened in these years.
We emphasize on redoubled efforts to prepare for future developments and increase combat readiness to deal with aggressor and enemy forces.

We reject any presence of foreign forces inside our territory and emphasize that the presence of foreigners is illegal and in line with the attempt to occupy our country. We emphasize that any foreign military presence inside the territory of Yemen is a legitimate goal for our forces and for all Yemeni people.

We send greetings to all the free people of our country and among them the proud tribes who rose up for defense.

We renew our agreement with our beloved people that the armed forces remain loyal to their duties and responsibilities, the most important of which is the liberation war.

We tell our Seyed leader that your people are more determined today to see the battle through to its end.

We emphasize our readiness to implement any order against foreign military presence in Yemen. We are ready to deal decisively with any scenario and neutralize any movement of the aggressors and their mercenaries.

We will continue to develop our military capabilities and increase our combat expertise. We will continue to monitor and deal appropriately with all attempts to loot the national wealth within the framework of our duties and responsibilities.”

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