Infographic: Seven Years of Steadfastness

Monday, 4 April 2022 - 08:52

A Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Yahya al-Sari’ provides the statistics of seven years of sacred defense against the Saudi coalition invasion of Yemen.

The spokesman for the Yemen Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, on the occasion of National Resistance Day presented the statistics of seven years of fighting with the Saudi coalition.

General Yahya al-Sari’:
“Today, we are still standing on the eve of the eighth year of steadfastness and after seven years of resistance. This is a historic achievement that the children of a free Yemen have achieved with the help of God. In this battle, tens of thousands have been martyred and wounded, and millions of people have been affected by the enmity and siege of the enemies, and these sacrifices will not be lost, and we will fulfill our covenant with the martyrs and there will be no retreat from our achievements.
On March 26, 2015, the Yemenis were surprised by the enemy’s all-out military offensive on land, sea and air. The aggression in the first year was at an unprecedented rate, and in that year the armed forces were unable to monitor the various attacks of the enemy due to the large number of attacks. We faced 100 to 400 airstrikes in one day, and in addition to the bombing, the invasion from the sea and border areas continued fiercely. The total number of air strikes that the armed forces managed to observe is 274,243.

We do not forget the scenes of horrific massacres. We do not forget the scenes of our children when they are pulled out from under the rubbles. We do not forget the murder scenes of our women. We will never forget the tears of the mothers of the martyrs. We will not forget the horrible crimes of what has happened to us and what is happening to us. Proud and lofty homeland, Yemen… Yes Yemen… We will not forget the history, identity, culture, economy and foundations of Yemen.

Despite the pain and terror created by the enemy, we did not cry! But we shouted. From American crimes in the region and their stupid mercenaries like: criminal Saudi and others in Abu Dhabi and other countries. We have not seen anything in Yemen except American bombs and use of prohibited weapons. Stop interfering in the internal affairs of Yemen, in order to gain security. Security must be for everyone!

The Armed Forces, with the help of God Almighty, carried out more than 13,208 military operations during the battle to counter the brutal aggression, of which 6,681 were offensive operations and 6,527 were repelling and neutralizing enemy attacks.
Among our most prominent military operations are Operation Nasr Min Allah in three phases, a large military operation whose details have not been announced, Operation Bonyan al-Marsous, Operation Famkana Minhom, Baas al-Shadid, Operation Rabi al-Intisar, Operation Al-Bayda, Al-Dhala, Shabwa, Marib, Operation Deterrence Balance, Operation Aasar al-Yemen (Storm of Yemen) in three phases, Operation Kasra Al-Hesar (breaking the siege of Yemen) in three phases, and ten other operations, the details of which have not been disclosed.

Yemen Armed forces operations have killed and wounded 10,759 members of the Saudi army, 1,251 members of the UAE army, 9,440 Sudanese mercenaries and more than 253,693 Yemeni mercenaries.

More than 17,397 vehicles, armored vehicles, personnel carriers, tanks, bulldozers and military machinery were destroyed and set on fire. Of these operations, 10518 operations have been documented visually.

The missile force conducted 1,826 military operations, including 1,237 operations inside Yemen and 589 operations outside Yemen.

The number of operations of the Air Force UAV unit is 11562 operations, which includes 2176 operations inside and 953 operations outside Yemen and 8433 reconnaissance operations.

The operations of the Air Defense Forces are 4221 operations, of which 1971 operations led to enemy aircraft destruction and losses, and 2250 operations that forced the enemy aircraft to withdraw.
Air defense operations have resulted in the downing of 158 UAVs, 13 fighter jets, 10 Apache helicopters, and 6 military transport helicopters. 34 American drones and 95 spy drones were destroyed.

The Navy and Coast Guard conducted 35 operations during the seven-year battle, the most important of which were attacks on the Saudi Medinah Frigate, the Saudi-owned Dammam Frigate, and the UAE HSV-2 Swift warship, as well as the seizure of the UAE-owned Ravi military cargo ship in the Yemeni waters.

The total number of operations carried out by the ground forces are 211,136.
In these operations, the engineering unit has performed 52,175 operations, including 22,854 operations against enemy gatherings, 24,907 offensive and defensive operations and targeting enemy fortifications, and 4414 operations of enemy armored and military vehicles.

The anti-armor unit carried out 7412 operations, including 2689 operations against enemy fortifications, gatherings and barracks, and 4723 attacks against military and armored vehicles.

The artillery unit carried out 85,634 operations, including 1,150 joint operations with UAVs, 15,269 operations with Zilzal-1 missiles, which resulted in fires, damage and destruction of more than 1,078 vehicles, armor, tanks, artillery, rocket launchers and weapons depots.

The total operations of the sniper units since entering the battles has reached 65,915 operations. Over the past two years, this unit has been able to increase its presence on the northern and eastern fronts and, with God’s help, has achieved significant achievements. Since the unit became active, 941 Saudi soldiers, 1,127 Sudanese mercenaries and 54,417 Yemeni mercenaries have been attacked. Also, 9298 attacks on armored and military vehicles, 124 enemy snipers and 8 UAVs were attacked by the sniper unit.

The Yemeni people and armed forces are using their legal right to defend themselves against foreign aggression and will continue to defend their land, sovereignty and independence. It does not matter what our cost is, what matters is the cost to the enemies. The Yemeni Armed Forces, with God’s help, are conducting a test operation for new quality weapons that will enter the battlefield in the next phase.
We renew our covenant with God and promise the oppressed and victorious people that, God willing, the eighth year will see a quality military operation that will lead to the further liberation of the occupied territories and the enemy’s territory. Our target bank will include the aggressors’ assets and its most prominent vital features. The Armed Forces calls on all the free people of Yemen to fully preserve the achievements of the past years and to build on them as the resistance continues until freedom and independence are achieved.

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