A Look Into New Clashes Between Israeli Regime, Resistance Movement; From South Lebanon To Gaza

Sunday 9 April 2023 - 15:27

Some 34 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon to the Zionist settlements in northern occupied land of Palestine on April 6, 2023. 25 rockets out of that number were intercepted by air defense of the Israeli regime, and at least four rockets hit the usurped territories.

A few hours later, Israeli fighter jets bombed certain positions of the Palestinian resistance groups in different areas of the Gaza Strip with the aim of creating deterrence. Not too much later, Palestinian resistance groups reacted to the Israeli strikes, firing 44 rockets to Sderot, Ivim and Nir Am settlements in several occasions on Thursday.

Following the air strikes on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army fired six missiles to al-Qlaileh town in Tyre district of southern Lebanon early Friday. Images released of the incident show that the Israeli missiles hit farmlands, two bridges and other points in al-Qlaileh plain areas, which did not leave remarkable damages.

The issue of targeting abandoned headquarters of the resistance groups in the Gaza Strip has its roots in the Zionists’ open announcement that they want to attack the Palestinian enclave. 

Furthermore, the recent air strikes by Israel on farms and plains in southern Lebanon indicate that the regime has not only carried out the attacks to pacify public opinion in the occupied territories, but also it does not have the capability and intention to prolong the confrontations.

Taking into account the realities on the ground, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed his cabinet members, underlining that given the ongoing internal disagreements, Tel Aviv should not be turn into a scene of confrontation between Israel on one side and the Palestinian resistance group Hamas and the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah on the other side.

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