Funeral for Bodies of Dhahyan Massacre Martyrs in Saada

Tuesday 14 August 2018 - 08:48

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Monday morning funeral of martyrs of Dhahyan massacre ,which took place in Thursday last week by bombardments of Saudi fighter jets in Dhahyan Market, were held by people.

In the latest crime of Saudi aggressors, fighter jets of Saudi-American Coalition targeted a bus full of children in Dhahyan (of Saada province), which as the result of this crime, more than 50 children were martyred and 77 injured.


On Monday thousands of Saadah & Sana’a people and other provinces, while holding pictures of resistance & Ansarallah martyrs, participated in this funeral, and declared their readiness to confront with Saudi aggressors, and showed their disgust to “Global Arrogance” with leadership of America and Israel.


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  1. Wert says:

    Shame on Saudi Arabia and USA