Latest Updates on Yemen 20 August 2018; Front Lines Situation

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 - 08:11

“Images showing engagements in Durayhimi south of al Hudaydah.”

1. Al Hudaydah
AnsarAllah’s and People’s Committee Forces’ resistance in Durayhimi. West, east and north of Durayhimi are peaks of engagement.
Media close to the Coalition (for the nth time) claim to occupy Durayhimi. All-aspects attack to Durayhimi by Saudi Coalition has started from 2 August as part of the operation to occupy al Hudaydah province.


2. Hajjah
Engagements around Hiran and `Ahem triangle and no change in lines. AnsarAllah attacked Saudi Coalition’s forces gathering in Midi desert by drone Qassif-1.
Due to wrong air raid by Saudi Coalition fighters, 13 of Mansoor Hadi forces died.


3. Baydha
Engagements on Biyadh heights in north of Malajim.


4. A missile Badr-1 fired toward military base of Saudi in Najran.

According to AnsarAllah, it hit and so far media close to the Coalition has not reported anything about casualties and damages.

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