Latest Updates on Yemen 28 August 2018; The Second Ansarallah Drone attacks to Dubai Airport

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 - 15:27

The attack against Dubai Airport & The latest news from clashes of southern Al-Hudaydah and other fronts.

1. Ansarallah’s drone attack, Samad-3 drone, against Dubai Airport in United Arab Emirates.
UAE once again has declined the drone attacks by Ansarallah; but during this drone attack, flights of Dubai Airport were disrupted, there is no statistics about the damages and casualties.

Also, Ansarallah once again warned corporations and investors in United Arab Emirates. (Best instrument that Ansarallah have is targeting strategic regions & threatening UAE’s economy.)


2. Al-Hudaydah
Ansarallah & Popular Committees resistance in Ad-Durayhimi continues.
Ansarallah provided news report from inside of Al-Fazzah. Therefore after taking control of Jabilah, Al-Fazzah is in contact line between coalition forces and Ansarallah.


3. Al-Baydha
The attack of Ansarallah’s drone against Headquarter of coalition forces and Mansour Hadi in Jaribat region, north of Al-Baydha governorate.

Operation of Mansour Hadi forces in north of Al-Baydha had no achievement yet.


4. A badr-1 missile was launched towards Najran.
Saudi-led coalition said that they intercepted the missile.

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