The Final Stage of Syrian Democratic Forces Operation in East of Euphrates Against ISIS

Thursday, 13 September 2018 - 10:29

Islamic World News Analysis Group: According to US-led coalition, from September 11 the final stage of “Island Storm” operation of SDF with support of Coalition’s artillery and strikes has begun.

The Syrian Democratic Forces with liberation of Hajin and other important villages like Sha’fah and Susah which is the last ISIS stronghold in Syria, can announce the complete liberation of eastern Euphrates from ISIS terrorists, at least tactically…

It should be noted that ISIS using this areas as a base to attack the east and west of Euphrates.


During past months the SDF operation concentrated on southeast Hasaka and border areas and the Hajin pocket operation delayed many times.
Despite this, in mentioned period the SDF announced the start of Hajin operation many times but we did not saw any effective move by this forces against ISIS.


Right now most of clashes going on in eastern axis around the Baghuz area.
SDF announced the 4km advance in day1 & day2 in Baghuz axes in against ISIS.
In Kasarah axis the SDF succeeded to advance 6km.
Also heavy clashes continue in north of Hajin.


HQ Map

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