Latest Updates on Yemen 14 September 2018; Latest Updates on Hudaydah Fronts

Saturday, 15 September 2018 - 06:16

Latest updates on al Hudaydah heavy engagements in eastern road, Durayhimi and Jah and AnsarAllah’s operation against ISIS and al Qaeda in Baydha

1. Al Hudaydah:
– Engagements on southeast of al Hudaydah around the road al Hudaydah-Sanaa, and AnsarAllah defeated Saudi Coalition attack to the road. (Images showing engagements of eastern road of al Hudaydah).
– Nana square 16 km east of al Hudaydah is under control of AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalitiom forces are in Mazra’ah and Za’faran preparing for next attacks to the road. In engagements in the last two days, two commanders of Mansoor Hadi’s forces (Adnan al Hakmi Yafe’ei and Ahamd ‘Abdulkarim Yafe’ei) were killed by AnsarAllah’s snipers.



– Saudi Coalition in coastal strip attacked toward north to Jamal square. Meanwhile AnsarAllah has blocked infiltration to the city by attacking north of Manzar and south of airport so far.
Durayhimi: Siege of the town is unknown and AnsarAllah is resisting in the town in despite of Coalition’s spokesperson that the siege of Durayhimi is complete.
South of al Hudaydah province: Saudi Coalition attack to Jah has been defeated and situation in coastal road in west of Jah is unstable.


2. Firing a missile Badr-1 toward  Najran
– AnsarAllah reported that the missile hit the target while the Coalition reported to intercept the missile in the air.


3. Al Baydha
– AnsarAllah’s operation in Qifah region, al Baydha province against al Qaeda and ISIS.
– AnsarAllah and People’s Committees forces purged Hadhbat Jamil region from ISIS.


4. North of Hajjah
– According to latest news, engagements in ‘Ahem triangle and suburbs of Hayran have ceased.
– AnsarAllah’s attacks to Hayran have not resulted in reclaim of it.
In border front, AnsarAllah has reclaimed eastern heights of Nar. During the last few months these heights have been occupied several times.

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