Latest Updates on Yemen 16 September 2018; Front Lines Situation

Monday 17 September 2018 - 07:08

Images showing death and capture of Saudi Coalition troops in west of Majazah region, ‘Asir province (south of Saudi) by AnsarAllah.

1. Al Hudaydah:
– Nana square (16 km) and Matahin square under control of AnsarAllah and heavy engagement in southern part and on eastern road al Hudaydah-Sanaa. Coalition warplanes attacking the area severely.

Qos an Nasr in easter road of Hudaydah which heavily bombarded by Coalition warplanes(from Coalition camera)

– Saudi Coalition forces attacking coastal road (Kornish) and eastern road al Hudaydah-Sanaa, trying to force AnsarAllah to retreat from the airport, Matahin square and Hamadi square. If the defense is broken, the engagement spreads to southern neighborhoods of al Hudaydah and rural areas.
– AnsarAllah’s attacks to west of Tuhayta and Faza continue.


2. Baydha:
– AnsarAllah’s engagement with al Qaeda in Zi Naem axis and with Mansoor Hadi’s forces in Houran region (Qaniya front).


3. Jizan:
– Intercepting a Saudi Alliance drone in MBC heights.
– Firing a Missile Badr-1 toward economical town Jizan


4. Jawf:
– Defeating Mansoor Hadi’s forces attack in front Mahashimah.
– AnsarAllah’s drone Qasif-1 attack to Mansoor Hadi’s forces gathering point.


– Colonel Marzouq Mohammad al Hirmali (a Mansoor Hadi’s commander) and four of his troops killed by AnsarAllah’s ambush in Nihm region.

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