Latest Updates on Yemen 23 September 2018; Latest Updates on Fronts

Monday, 24 September 2018 - 06:40

AnsarAllah’s reaction to terrorist attack in Ahvaz and latest military situation in al Hudaydah and Baydha fronts.

1. Badr-1 missile fired to Jizan airport
AnsarAllah reported that the missile hit the target.


2. Al Hudaydah:
AnsarAllah attack in west of Tuhayta, Fazah, Majilis and Jabaliah.
AnsarAllah’s Qasif-1 drone attack to positions of Saudi Coalition forces in seven islands of western coast of Yemen.
AnsarAllah’s Qasif-1 drone attack to Saudi Coalition forces gathering position in south of Nakhilah, southeast of Durayhimi.


3. AnsarAllah’s operation continuing in Baydha:
Reclaiming heights in Qaniyah front by fighting back Mansoor Hadi’s forces.
AnsarAllah’s engagement with ISIS in region Hadhabt Jamil in Qifah.


4. Yemeni officials reactions to terrorist attack in Ahvaz:
Yemen foreign ministry: “We announce our unity with Iran’s government and our stand is toward safety and stability of Islamic Republic”
Mohammad Abdul-Salam, AnsarAllah’s spokesperson: “Terrorist attack in Ahvaz is coward action of some of states in the region who circle around USA and they will cultivate nothing except loss.”


(Photo showing martyr Hasan al Molsey one of field commanders of AnsarAllah who was martyred two years ago fighting Saudi Coalition.)

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