Latest Updates on Yemen 13 October 2018; Frontlines Situation

Sunday 14 October 2018 - 16:37

Latest updates from Taiz, al Hudaydah and Nihm frontlines and AnsarAllah’s attacks

1. Joint drone and artillery operation by AnsarAllah in Nihm (northeast of Sanaa province) against the Coalition and Mansoor Hadi forces.
A short range missile launched to gathering point of Mansoor Hadi troops and AnsarAllah claimed that it hit the target.


2. Al Hudaydah:
AnsarAllah attacking to west and southwest of Durayhimi.
Coalition troops after retreating from south of Durayhimi and AnsarAllah’s attack to east and southwest of it, are bombing these regions heavily using artillery and missiles.
According to our local sources, AnsarAllah’s operation is still continuing in Durayhimi.


3. Taiz:
Saudi Coalition’s attack to north of Qabitah in southeast of Rahidah.
Latest Updates on southeast axis of Taiz:
Hayfan, Qabitah, Rahidah and Damnah are in control by AnsarAllah and Krash, Jawazi’ah and Sallu are occupied by Saudi Coalition.

In Huwaymi, north of Sallu and south of Hayfan there are engagements.


Images: Clashes in northern borders of Yemen(Al-Dud heights and south of ‘Alab borderway)

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