Map | Latest Military Situation North of Dhale Province; Damt Axis 19 November 2018

Monday, 19 November 2018 - 23:21

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Clashes going on between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition forces in Damt district, Dhale province.

According to latest reliable information, the military situation in Damt axis is as below:

Damt, Haqab village and Marhuba heights are under AnsarAllah’s control.

Beit Yazidi, Hismi heights and Krash are under Saudi Coalition control. Some pro-Saudi media claimed that Haqab, Damt Qadimah(old) and Marhubah heights are under Coalition control but they did not publish any photo or clip for confirmation and this claims are not correct so far.


Right now clashes going on in vicinity of Haqab and Beit Yazidi and AnsarAllah trying to recapture all southern areas of Damt district. On the other side Saudi Coalition trying to encircle the Damt from two direction by capturing Damt Qadima and eastern heights.


Online Map

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