Latest Updates on Syria 2 December 2018
Map, Middle East, News, Syria 03 December 2018

1. 159 assassinations in militants controlled lands during the last three months.
According to pro-opposition media, in the last three months 159 assassinations against militants and field commanders in different points of occupied northwest of Syria have been done. 93 of them took place in Idlib and suburbs, 20 in Afrin area and 46 in north and northeast of Aleppo.
This many assassinations show clearly that militants cannot provide security to occupied lands.


2. Northwest of Syria
– Syrian Army defeated militants attack to infiltrate in Mahradah and Zalaqiyat in north of Hama. militants activities in Lataminah and Zakah were attacked by Syrian Army as well.

– Some units of 5th Armored Division took position in west of Aleppo, more troops and equipment are coming to northwest.

– Yesterday due to Kurdish forces infiltration to Ablah village in northeast of Aleppo at least three Turkish-backed militants were killed.

– Assassinations by YPG against Turkish troops in Afrin area. During the past few days number of YPG attacks and Turkish forces casualties have increased.
– A bomb vehicle exploded in Al Bab city.


3. East of Syria

– Continuation of US Coalition airstrikes to Hajin region; today morning US Coalition fighters attacked a market in Hajin town.
– Bomb explosion in path of PYD patrols in Hasakah city.


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