US Senate Voted to Stop Supporting Saudi Coalition’s Military Assaulting Yemen

Saturday, 15 December 2018 - 07:28

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Yesterday US senators voted to end US supporting Saudi military assaulting Yemen.

Bernie Sanders US senator stated that today US senators in a historical event claimed that they do not allow US Army to help a killer regime such as Saudi Arabia, a regime that does not respect democracy and human rights. A regime whose leader is undoubtedly involved in murder of the Saudi reporter in Saudi consulate in Turkey.


He also emphasized that this is not the end but a beginning and Congress just woke up and there are other issues in US foreign and military affairs that need to be decided by Congress.


He is persistent that according to the new resolution, US president cannot enter a war without Congress permission and from now on, he needs Congress permission for any military activity around the world.


Congress voting on terminating US military support of Saudi Coalition against Yemen at the same time with Sweden negotiations and initial agreement between sides is something needs to be analyzed with more depth…

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