Latest Updates on Yemen 15th December 2018; Cease-fire

Tuesday 18 December 2018 - 20:26

Latest updates on agreement and Saudi Coalition continuinging bombing

1. Negotiations and agreement in Sweden:
– Martin Griffiths UN Emissary in Yemen affairs: Dutch General Patrick Cammaert is UN head for the group observing Cease-fire in al Hudaydah Yemen.
– Cease-fire will begin on Monday midnight.


2. Al Hudaydah:
– Six injured due to civilian residents bombing.
– Coalition Artillery hit Zafaran village, near Yamani company and Wahah hotel.


3. Yemeni Armed Force spokesperson:
More than 79 airstrikes performed by Saudi Coalition to different areas of al Hudaydah, Qaniya(Baydha), Jizan and Najran borders, Haradh and Midi (Hajjah), Baqa and Kitaf (Saada), Jawf, Nihm and etc. during the last two days. Enemy has grounded near Al Sare, Mahdida, Al Maghram and Al Hamaqi near Baqem and suffered heavy casualties.


Images showing AnsarAllah ambush in Shaja’ region at Najran border.


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