Latest Updates on Yemen 22 December 2018; al Hudaydah Ceasefire Under Coalition Fire!

Monday 24 December 2018 - 06:37

Latest updates on fronts and process of Sweden agreement.

1. UN resolution regarding Sweden agreement
Resolution 2450 was endorsed in Security Council after UK submitted the final draft for voting. AnsarAllah, resigned government of Mansoor Hadi and Saudi Arabia welcomed the resolution and emphasized on respecting it.
UN representatives to monitor the implementation of Sweden agreement travel to Aden and then to al Hudaydah and Sanaa.


2. Al Hudaydah:
Violating ceasefire by Saudi Arabia and continuation of Saudi airstrikes.

Due to air attacks one child martyred and one child and woman wounded. Images showing this news.


3. Latest situation of Marib:
Yemeni Armed Force spokesperson described situation of Marib:
– 90% of Sarwah district is under control by AnsarAllah.
– Areas near Hilan heights, Alam and Ziyad al Aql are under control by AnsarAllah.
– Areas near Hamajrah and Ashqari and Qazi heights until Atias heights are under control by AnsarAllah.
– 23 heights, b.m.b and Maghraba Bart hills and areas near them are under control by AnsarAllah.
– Areas near Zaghan, Safinah and Rasef hills until Athaf hill are clear.
– Due to recent operations and engagements in this front, 153 soldiers of Saudi Coalition and Mansoor Hadi are killed, wounded or captured.


Saudi Coalition media disclaiming the news by releasing an image.

The image and clip released by Saudi Coalition media unlike their proclaim is not from Atias peaks but were taken from a point further.
Regarding the spokesperson words, Sirwah district 90% claim by AnsarAllah according to available evidences cannot be correct.


4. Nihm:
AnsarAllah operation in Yam heights against Saudi Coalition troops; Coalition attacks are still continuinging.

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