Map | Latest Military Situation in Hajin Pocket East of Euphrates 31 December 2018

Monday, 31 December 2018 - 17:46

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) advances in east of Euphrates, the village of Kashmah have captured by SDF.

Aftar Kashamh, the clashes reached to gates of Al Sha’fah village and now clashes continue in Kashmah district of Sh’afah village.(should not be confused with Kashmah village)


In Baghuz front also SDF gained more ground in Baghuz Foqani village and most of southern part of Baghuz Foqani is under SDF.


This morning, Iraqi warplanes bombed ISIS-controlled areas in eastern Euphrates, Al Susah; the bombing of Syrian lands by Iraqi warplanes took place after Bashar Assad announced that since then, Iraqi warplanes are not required to get permission from Syrian government for bombing ISIS and are allowed to take action to bombard ISIS inside Syria anytime…


Also today, more units from the Syrian Army entered the AlBukamal border town.


HD Map

Interactive map of Hajin

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