Latest Updates on Yemen 2 January 2019

Wednesday 2 January 2019 - 10:10

The intensification of clashes on the northern borders and the Saudi operation in Hudaydah province.

1- Ansar Allah Qasef-1 UAV attack on gathering of Saudi led forces in Malahit.


2- Ansar Allah shot down a Saudi reconnaissance drone in Al Dud mountain, Jizan border.


3- Spokesman of Yemen Armed Forces:

– During 24 hours, Coalition violated the ceasefire in Hudaydah 191 times.

– More than 105 mortar shells fired at Al Hudaydah.

– Attacks of enemy in Beit Ma’ari(west of Hays) and Jah Al Asfal were repelled.

– Coalition conducted more than 37 airstrikes on Yemen provinces.

– Attacks of enemy in Safiyah and Al Husn heights(Bayda), Sabrin(Jawf), Nihm, Baqa’ and Marib were repelled.

– Attacks of enemy in Kars Al Wahhab and Al Gharib in Ahem triangle were repelled and Clashes continue in east of Nar mountain; Coalition forces are trying to encircle Haradh.

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