Latest Updates on Yemen, 11 January 2019; Engagements Intensified

Saturday 12 January 2019 - 20:42

Images showing Mohammad Ali al-Houthi at Ansar Allah drill and training camp site.

1. Marib:
AnsarAllah operation in Mukhaddarah and Wadi al Dhiq suburbs in Sirwah and reclaiming some areas.


2. Sanaa:
Defeating Saudi Coalition attacks in Houl, Nihm district by AnsarAllah


3. AnsarAllah drone attack to Saudi Coalition gathering point in Aseer front, south of Saudi Arabia using new Qasif K-2 drones.


4. Al Hudaydah:
– AnsarAllah operation west of Hays against Saudi Coalition forces.
– Continuation of Saudi Coalition bombing Tuhayta and Durayhimi in Shajan village.


5. Yemeni Armed Force spokesperson:
– Violating ceasefire in al Hudaydah by Saudi Coalition 89 times in the last two days.
– Saudi Coalition fighters attacked Saadah and Sirwah in Marib and Nihm in Sanaa 55 times.


6. Martin Griffiths UN Special Emissary in Yemen:
– AnsarAllah drone attack to Al Anad base in Lahij province cannot influence Stockholm agreement. Since Stockholm agreement is between Yemeni sides to stop the war in “Al Hudaydah” and does not include other areas.

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