Ansar Allah Advancing in Dhale Province + Map
Map, Middle East, News, Yemen 31 March 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to Ansar Allah and Popular Committees recent operation in Dhale province, south of Yemen, forces led by the Coalition were repelled in southern Damt and Haqab and retreated to Moris heights.

During the operation, AnsarAllah liberated the heights of Al Arfaf, Aqlah, Nasah, Beit Yazidi suburbs and Arfaf area  (almost 100 km2) from Saudi-led Coalition forces.(including Mansoor Hadi and Hizam al Amni).
Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson, while present in the battlefield, reported that more than 250 of the enemy were killed or injured.


Al Khayrani and Al Duays two important commanders of Mansoor Hadi’s army were killed by AnsarAllah and Ali Mohsen Saleh, vice president of resigned government, sent condolences for their death.


Interactive map

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