Latest Updates on Yemen, 18 April 2019

Thursday, 18 April 2019 - 20:51

Latest news from Yemen’s frontline; Ansar Allah advances in Baydha, Suadi Coalition advances in Dhale and Hajjah

1. Hajjah:
– Ansar Allah shooting down a Saudi Coalition spying drone over Jizan border.
– AnsarAllah attacking Saudi Coalition troops in mounts Nar, Dukhan and MBC.
– Engagements in south and west of Hayran; Saudi Coalition advanced in Abs axis. The Coalition proclaims advancing until north of Souq Rabu’ and village al Jir.


2. Saadah:
– Saudi Coalition attacks repelled in Ajasher desert, Souh and Marba al Himad square.
– Ansar Allah artillery bombing the Coalition locations in Rabua and Alab crossing.


3. Ansar Allah’s drone-artillery joint operation to attack Saudi Coalition forces gathering location in Jizan.


4. Dhale:
– Saudi Coalition attack repelled by Ansar Allah in northwest front of Dhale and Naderah district (Ibb province) and Ansar Allah could reclaim some areas.
This counterattack by the Coalition was since AnsarAllah advanced in northern Moris front and engagements are in Sour mountain and Beit al Azani area.


5. Baydha:
– According to Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson, due to Ansar Allah and Popular Committees operation in Dhi Naem front, they could claim over 12 km2 of the area in Dhi Naem and Zaher district including: Halmus, Shabaka Sabah, Shabaka Daria, Salwa.


6. Al Hudaydah:
– Sporadic engagements and the Coalition’s bombing east and south of al Hudaydah.
– Ansar Allah’s drone shot down over Tuhayta.

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