Latest Military Situation on Northeast of Lattakia Province and Kabani Area + Maps

Sunday 12 May 2019 - 23:16

Military situation of northeast of Lattakia province after Syrian Army’s operation in Summer 2016 is unchanged and important Kabani area is still primary problem and hot point of the region.

In recent week we observe Syrian Army advances in northwest of Hama province in Qalaat Madiq area as well as some activities in Kabani. In fact Syrian Army is distracting militants from north of Hama to northeast of Lattakia by activating this front.
Zuwayqat mountain, 1112 and 1154 heights and Kabani are militant’s primary defensive line in south of Jisr al Shoghur and Syrian Army with an excellent overlook on lower areas and Lattakia-Jisr al Shoghur road has the condition to advance along Saemaniah-Ghaniah-Ishtabraq axis and also along Lattakia-Jisr al Shoghur axis toward Jisr al Shoghur.
In the operation of 2016, militants resisted strongly in this Kabani and Army’s strive to advance in the axis was fruitless and the operation was ended by stabilizing the positions in Jisr al Shoghur main road.

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