Unveiling of a New Cruise Missile by Ansar Allah

Wednesday 12 June 2019 - 21:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Ansar Allah media unveiled its new cruise missile targeting the Abha airport in Saudi Arabia.

According to Ansar Allah sources, the missile range is 2500 km and has a high maneuverability.

The missile accuracy rate is about one meter and can carry a warhead of 450kg.


A spokesman for the Yemeni army said the missile hit the Abha control tower precisely and the US air defense systems failed to track the missile.

He said that the missile attack to Abha airport was a self-defense and a legitimate response to the enemy and the blockade and 5-year closure of Yemeni airports.

Yemeni army spokesman also demanded all foreign companies in the enemy countries of Yemen(Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.) and also people to stay away from airports and military areas.

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