Breaking | Ansar Allah Joint Missile and Drone Attack on Al Jala Camp in Aden

Thursday, 1 August 2019 - 08:14

ISWNews Analysis Group: An hour ago, the Yemen Armed Forces targeted Al Jala military camp in the west of Aden city by a mid-range missile and one Qasef K2 loitering munition.

The spokesman of the Yemen Armed Forces stated that the joint operation have targeted a military parade of Saudi-led coalition forces and due to this attack several Saudi-led forces and commanders were killed and wounded.
He added that these forces was preparing to deploy in Al Dhale and Taiz fronts.
According to pro-coalition sources, during the recent Ansar Allah operation against the Saudi-led forces in the Al Jala military camp, so far, 32 coalition forces, including Brigadier General Munir Al-Yafei one of the most prominent leaders of the Hizam al Amni(Security belt forces, backed by UAE) have been killed in the attack. The casualties are rising.

Brigadier General Munir Al-Yafei

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