Southerners Advancing in South of Yemen! Emirati Fighters Bombing Mansour Hadi’s Positions

Friday, 30 August 2019 - 07:44

ISWNews Analysis Group: Emirati fighters bombed Razi hospital in Abyan province, destroyed it.

Emiratis striking old ally while UAE and Saudi proxies used to accused Ansar Allah for these attacks and now UAE and Saudi are doing this to each other.
Ministry of Defense of resigned government of Mansour Hadi said 300 people died and injured due to 15 airstrikes by Emiratis in Abyan and Aden provinces.
According to latest news, Southerners attacked Shoqra and probably they will capture it in the next few hours.

Photo showing Emirati fighters attacking Mansour Hadi’s forces at the eastern gate of Aden.

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