Latest Updates on Ansar Allah’s Operation in North of Kitaf; 29 August 2019

Friday 30 August 2019 - 12:11

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mansour Hadi’s forces in north of Kitaf are still under siege by Ansar Allah and heavy engagements continuing.

According to our sources, Al Wahdah brigade, Al Tahrir, Al Fath and Qadesiyah brigades of Mansour Hadi present in the area to fight Ansar Allah and the northern axis are covered by Al Fath and Qadesiyah brigades accompanied by special forces of Saudi Army.
According to Saudi Coalition media, Al Fath and Qadesiyah brigades which planned to initiate B operation in north of Kitaf are gathering in Wadi Al Abu Jabbarah and Ansar Allah besieged them by right intelligence and tactic.
Some unofficial sources of the Coalition reported that 173 troops were killed and injured and another source said 500 troops were killed and injured from whom 200 are Saudis. These news are not confirmed by ISWNews until Yemeni Armed Forces or Saudi Coalition confirmed them officially.
At the moment, engagements are continuing to break the siege and rescuing brigades Al Fath and Qadesiyah by Saudi coalition.
It seems Ansar Allah’s primary mission from this heavy operation is to not only to neutralize Saudi Coalition’s operation in north of Kitaf axis but also imposing heavy loss and casualties to Mansour Hadi’s forces and Saudi coalition, so the reason that the engagement and siege are taking long in Rashaha and Souh is same.
To advance in north of Saadah axis does not compatible with current Ansar Allah’s tactics but maybe this heavy loss results in Saudi coalition’s weakened and even Ansar Allah’s advance in Saudi Arabia soil.
P.S. Above image shows Mohammad Al Arab, Saudi’s Al Arabiya network reported who is present continuously in north of Saadah fronts and is very rhetoric about Ansar Allah and now is missing!

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  1. Paul J Fishman says:

    Ansar Allah means the Wrath of Allah.