Latest Updates on Yemen 6 September 2019

Saturday, 7 September 2019 - 13:00

Heavy clashes in Harad district in the north of Hajjah province; Unsuccessful talks between the Southerners and the Hadi government in Saudi Arabia

1- Saadah:
– Ansar Allah fired a Qasem missile at the positions of the Saudi-led forces in the Sudays area.
2- Hajjah:
– Ansar Allah counterattacks on the Saudi-led forces in Tuwwal crossing.
– Heavy clashes between Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah continue north, west and south of Haradh. According to pro-Saudi media, Saudi-led forces advancing west of Harad.
3- Baydha:
Ansar Allah fired a Zilzal-1 missile on the positions of the Saudi-led forces in the Nate’ front.
4- Dhamar:
A spokesman for the Yemeni Ministry of Health said the latest death toll of the Dhamar prison raised to 156 kills and 50 wounded.
On Sunday, the Saudi-led coalition warplanes attacked a detention centre in the southwestern province of Dhamar with several airstrikes Sunday, killing several people and wounding others.
5- Latest news from the Southerners and Hadi’s forces conflict:
– The negotiations between the representatives of the resigned-government of Mansour Hadi and the Southern Transitional Council of Yemen failed after a few stages again.
The Saudi government issued a statement in support of the resigned-government of Mansour Hadi; also the Southern Transitional Council called on the people of southern Yemen to demonstrate in support of the southern forces.
– The situation in southern Yemen remains tense. Clashes between STC and Hadi forces were reported on a coastal road between Zinjibar and Shuqra.

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