Details: Big blow to the Saudi coalition in Saadah province + Video

Sunday 29 September 2019 - 13:44

ISWNews Analysis Group: A few minutes ago Gen. Yahya Al Sari, spokesperson of Yemeni Armed Forces, in a press conference revealed new details of AnsarAllah’s recent operation in north of Saadah.


– Yemeni forces collaboration in enemies forces had an important role.
– Our missile force performed 9 operations against enemies bases in the airports that their fighters flew from.
– Our drones performed 20 operations against enemy that one was targeting a sensitive point in Riyadh.
– Air defense forces, forced the enemies Apache helicopters and fighters in the operation to retreat from the area.
– In the first stage of the operation 350 km2 of the enemy liberated and 3 brigades destroyed.

– More than 200 of enemy fleeing or surrendered soldiers were bombed by Saudi coalition fighters and died.

– More than 2000 soldiers of enemy are captured, from who some are children.
Using children in frontlines is a big crime by enemy and against international laws.
– During the first stage of the operation which took 72 hours, enemy warplanes did 300 airstrikes that 100 strikes were in the first 48 hours.
– We invite the deceived people in fronts Najran, Jizan and Asir to leave the fronts and return to their homeland.

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