Syrian Army Enters Manbij and East of Euphrates

Sunday 13 October 19 - 22:26

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the agreement reached between the SDF and the Syrian government, the Syrian Army forces will enter the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the east and west of the Euphrates to counter Turkish aggression.

According to some news and videos, Syrian army forces have already entered the city of Manbij and they are scheduled to enter the town of Ain al-Arab (Kobani) in the east of the Euphrates tomorrow morning.
Many SDF’s checkpoints have been removed or evacuated in various areas of Manbij and the eastern Euphrates. The main checkpoint outside Qameshli has also been evacuated.

The evacuation of these checkpoints has two general aims: First, provide the Syrian army with the necessary routes for trouble-free access to the contact line areas.
And second, the concentration of Kurdish forces and dispatches to border areas to fight the Turkish mercenaries.

But the interesting news is that based on some information which is almost reliable! US forces will completely leave the Euphrates within the next 30 days and the only focus of US troops will be in the 55-kilometer zone of Al-Tanaf.

There are some really interesting developments taking place in northeast Syria; the US agrees with Turkey and leaves the Kurds alone; Turkey agrees with Russia, Syria and Iran and pressures the Kurds, the Kurds who once rejected Qasem Soleimani’s proposal and did not cooperate with the Syrian government, they now call for the Syrian army to enter the region and return the occupied territories to the Syrian government … and so-called Free Syrian Army who once again played the role of cannon fodder and were nothing but a toy to accomplish some goals behind the scenes… The main winner is the Syrian government and then Turkey – and the Kurds and the US are on the bottom of the list – and armed mercenaries(FSA) who have no place and will not have…

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