Latest Updates on Yemen, 14 October 2019

Tuesday 15 October 19 - 11:45

News from Yemeni frontlines and Saudi coalition continuing bombing

1. Dhale:
Fakhir is still under control of Ansar Allah. Saudi coalition blindly fires at vehicles and people and 3 people have martyred so far, 2 were children.

2. Al Hudaydah:
– Shooting down a spy drone of Saudi coalition over 16 km area.
– Saudi coalition fighters bombing prevent the UN aid convoy to enter Durayhimi.

3. Baydha:
– ISIS claims to hit one of Ansar Allah troops in Dhahrah area, Qifah.
– Ansar Allah’s operation at Qaniyah front against Saudi coalition.(images)

4. Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson:
Saudi coalition performed more than 30 airstrikes to different provinces of Yemen, most of it in Saadah province.

5. Hajjah:
Saudi coalition could occupy Bani Hassan village recently but Ansar Allah reclaimed it yesterday.

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