Map: Latest Military Situation in Ras Al Ayn Axis, Northeast of Syria; 20 October 2019

Sunday, 20 October 2019 - 14:06

ISWNews Analysis Group: Engagements in Ras al-Ayn are continuing between Turkey and Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) in despite of ceasefire.

In the last two days Ras Al Ayn town and surrounding areas were under heavy clashes between SDF and its allies (PKK terrorists) against Turkey’s mercenaries (SNA).

During yesterday and today Turkey’s mercenaries could advance in south of the Ras Al Ayn and occupy ‘Um al-Asafir’ village. Also on the east of Ras Al Ayn, Turkish army removed concrete walls in front of Jan Tamer village and Turkey’s militia entered the Syrian land from this side and occupied some villages in the area such as ‘Jan Tamer Sharqi’ and ‘Sukariyah’.

Last night Red Crescent could enter the city with help of international organizations and helped 30 injured people to move to Qamishli hospital.

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