Video: Engagement Between Palestinian Resistance and Israeli Regime Army

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night Palestinian Resistance forces launched rocket attack on Zionist inhabited lands in retaliation to Israeli regime fighters and artillery attack on Ghaza strip.

– Resistance fired 10 rockets toward Zionist towns.
– Due to the attacks the alarm was heard in Sderot and Shair towns seven times.
– Hebrew media claimed that one house was hit by Resistance rockets.
– Israeli army claimed Iron Dome intercepted seven missiles.
– Zionist army launched airstrikes against east of al-Bridge camp, Khan Yunis, west of Deir al Balah, Rafah and southwest of Ghaza.
– One person martyred and two wounded in west of Khan Yunis due to Zionist airstrikes.
– The footage shows the moment a Resistance rocket hits occupied lands.


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