Sudanese Army in Yemen

Author: ISWNews
Sunday 3 November 2019 - 22:56

From ambitious countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE point of view, Sudan is a country that can be used specially to fill their army. Gen. Sari’ information given yesterday showed that the path that Sudan is going will end up in self destruction.

Experiences in Iraq and Syria and at the beginning of war with AnsarAllah gave Saudis and Emirates the lesson they can’t count on Takfiris. Therefore to enrich their ground army they turn to Sudanese who have 20 years of war experience in Darfur and south of Sudan.

Chaotic situation of Sudan inside and outside forced Omar al-Bashir to form alliance with countries, with which he had great idealogic and political differences.
Omar al-Bashir thought the situation of Sudan which was result of separation of southern Sudan (with 75% of oil income), tribes protests, foreign sanctions, etc., will be fixed by financial support of Saudi and UAE.

This coalition, which was formed by attacking Yemen, caused gap inside Sudan. Many parties including Ummah party, National Congress, Communists and People’s Congress showed opposition against Sudan’s participation in this war.

As Muhamad Ali al-Houthi said in his recent message, Sudanese officials called the goal of their irrelevant participation in assaulting Yemen as defending Islam and holy shrines which was shown as to be absurd after several years of war.

Now Omar al-Bashir is captured by revolutionists and cruel generals of Military Council who are only after their personal benefits, cannot tolerate a 8 thousand killed and injured persons casualty. Since this heavy casualty imposed enormous domestic pressure on them and they don’t see any solution other than pulling out of Yemen.

According to Gen Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo(Hamidti)vice president of Military Council, they have returned 10 thousand troops of 30 thousand troops present in Yemen and they will continue the war in Yemen.

Continuing this wrong move by Sudanese might result in AnsarAllah’s drone and missile reaction. Since AnsarAllah considers Sudan the source of ground force to the coalition and as airport and refineries of Saudi and UAE are sources of financial support for the assault and thus being targeted by AnsarAllah, there are enough strength to attack Sudanese army.

If the war against AnsarAllah continues in presence of Sudanese, we should see more pressure and weakening imposed on the leaders of Military Council.

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