The Yemeni Interior Ministry announced the end of the crisis with full control over their positions and the death of its leader Ali Abdullah Saleh

Monday, 4 December 2017 - 14:32

The full text of the Ministry of Interior’s statement:

The Ministry of the Interior announces the end of the crisis of the treason militias with full control over their densities and the spread of security throughout the capital Sana’a and its environs and all other provinces and the killing of the treason leader and a number of its elements.

This came after Saleh`s militants started killing citizens, cutting roads, causing chaos and disturbing public tranquility, and direct and public collusion with the countries of aggression. The entrances of cities coincided with the intensive bombing of the air force, which intensified its raids to pass the scheme of strife and internal fighting, which forced the Ministry of Interior to move quickly and resolve the situation.

As we announce the end of the crisis of the treason militias, the State represented by the Ministry of Interior confirms that aborting that plan is a fallow of the most dangerous project of treachery and sedition bet on the forces of the Saudi-American aggression to subjugate Yemen, and return to the era of the most unjust,

The Ministry of the Interior thanks the Almighty and the Supreme Political Council and the Government of Salvation and the people of Yemen and its tribes and all its national forces for their great support for the role of the security services in restoring security and stability to the country so that the Yemeni people can continue to build the state on sound and correct basis.

Taking into account the equal citizenship and dignity of citizens, and continue strongly in the battle for sovereignty until the Republic of Yemen to achieve independence and stability.

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