Details of Former Yemeni President Assassination Released

Wednesday, 27 November 2019 - 17:26

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah released documents showing details of assassination of Ibrahim al-Hamdi, former President of Yemen in 1977, by Saudis.

Ibrahim al-Hamdi was President of Yemen from 1974-1977 who was assassinated with his brother on 11 October 1977 mysteriously just two days before his trip to Aden. He was trying to cut foreign’s infiltration in Yemen and specially uniting northern and southern Yemen.

According to Ansar Allah’s report, al-Hamdi (Chief of Staff then and next President after al-Hamdi) invites al-Hamdi and his brother to his home two days before their trip to Aden. A Saleh al-Hazyan and threw Saudi intelligence service troops kill al-Hamdi and his brother at al-Ghashmi’s home.

Ali Bin Muslim(Yemen Case Officer and Advisor to the Saudi Court) and Saleh al-Hazyan (military mediator of Saudi embassy in Yemen) have roles in the assassination under King Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s order. Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ahmad al-Ghashmi also participated in the assassination. It is said Ali Abdullah Saleh and his bodyguard killed brother of al-Hamdi and bring the body to al-Ghashmi’s home.

In this report, the reason for his assassination by the Saudis stated as: his effort to unite northern and southern Yemen, confront Saudi’s influence in Yemen, his entry into Bab al-Mandeb’s case and control of the Red Sea, the launch of oil exploration programs, and claiming the return of Jizan And Asir and Najran.

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