Breaking: Rashedin 4 in verge of complete siege! + Map
Map: Al-Eis region completely secured
Tal al-Eis in south of Aleppo was liberated!
Turkey builds new military post near the city of Idlib + Turkish observation posts map
Breaking: According to some information, HTS terrorists are withdrawing from the pocket east of the M5 highway
Map: Syrian Army advance on M5 highway toward Aleppo city
Breaking: SAA advance south of Aleppo
Map: Latest situation in southwest of Aleppo
Map: Syrian Army Encircles Saraqeb!
Map: Military Situation in Northwest of Syria, 5 February 2020
Map: HTS advance in southern Aleppo
Map: Liberation of more than 110km2 in Idlib; Turkish observation post in Tal Toqan is the next target!