06 July 2019
Fayez al Sarraj, the prime minister of the GNA met with Erdogan in Istanbul.

According to GNA media, both leaders discussed the latest developments in Libya, in addition to other regional issues.

05 July 2019
Israeli Top Commander Resigns Due to Gaza Strip Defeat

Zionist paper reported that commander of the special operations unit of the military intelligence unit resigned due to last year defeat in Khan Yunis.

05 July 2019
UAE Forces Retreats From Marib, Yemen

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to Saudi Coalition’s media, UAE forces retreated from Marib province and Saudi forces replaced them.

04 July 2019
Breaking | Ansar Allah Strikes on Jizan anf Abha Airports, Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the Yemen Armed Forces spokesman, several Qasef K2 drones targeted Saudi coalition positions in Abha and Jizan airports.

03 July 2019
Infographic: Report on the Operations of the Armed Forces of Yemen in the Months of May and June

Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces(loyal to Ansar Allah), Yahya Sare’, during a news conference, provided statistics on the operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces against the Saudi invaders in the last two months.

02 July 2019
UAE denied Emirates weapons left in Gharyan.

A few days ago GNA forces repelled LNA forces led by Gen. Haftar from Gharyan town, south of Tripoli.

02 July 2019
Russians Worrying About Israel’s Missile Attacks to Syria; Where Are Syrian S300s?

Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia is concern about Israel’s attacks to Syria and believes these attacks are a threat for stability of the region.

02 July 2019
Airstrikes on Militants Positions in Northwest Syria

Today, the Russian and Syrian warplanes carried out several air raids on militants positions in Al-Ghab plain area and southern Idlib countryside.

02 July 2019
When Terrorists Hit Terrorists!

Three days ago, Hurras al Din base in Rif Al Muhandasin area, west of Aleppo was hit by unknown sources’ missiles and two terrorist commanders “Abu Omar al Tunesi” and “Abu Dajanah al Jaza’eri” were killed.

02 July 2019
Breaking | Ansar Allah Strikes on Abha Airport, Saudi Arabia

Ansar Allah targeted Abha Airport with several Qasef K2 loitering munitions.

01 July 2019
The casualties of the Israeli attacks on Syria has risen to 6.

Last night Israeli regime targeted several areas of Syria and due to this attacks a 3-months old baby were killed.

01 July 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 1 July 2019

Afghanistan in the Past Week, Summary of Important News