05 January 2018
Battle of “Military Vehicle Base” in Harasta ! ; eastern Ghutah of Damascus

After unsuccessful attacks to Harasta Military Vehicle Base by militia last month, this time avoiding direct attack, they operate in al Ajami district and try to cut the logistic axis to the Military Vehicle Base by occupying this neighborhood and then the opportunity to occupy the base.

05 January 2018
4 new villages liberated by Syrian army in south of Idlib province

Tal Khazna, Um Rajim, Mashhad & Murayjib al Mashhad liberated

04 January 2018
Syrian flag raising on top of Tolul Hamar in southwestern Damascus; clearing

Islamic World News Analysis Group; by entering Syrian army to Tolul Hamar and Tal al Lowz in Beit Jinn area, clearing the area from militia is finishing soon.

01 January 2018
Latest updates on Yemen, 31 December 2017

1.Yesterday Mohammed Ali Houthi congratulates missile fire without mentioning its destination in twitter. Media close to AnsarAllah do not mention this fire but Tasnim claims that this missile is fired toward Saudi Defense Ministry in Riyadh.   2.While AnsarAllah media claim that AnsarAllah is advancing in Al Khukhah and controlling it and Mohammed Ali Houthi […]

01 January 2018
Hassan Rouhani: US, Arab Foes Have No Right to Sympathize with Iranians

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lashed out at his US counterpart for commenting on the recent protests in Iran, saying the man who already called the Iranian people terrorists, as well as certain Arab regimes working against Iran, have no right to sympathize with the nation.

31 December 2017
Khuwayn Bani Izz(Kabir) liberated by Syrian army in south of Idlib province
30 December 2017
What is happening in Iran?

Yesterday, rallies in different cities in Iran protesting high prices and unemployment situation for the second day happens and has a widespread feedback in media all over the world. International reactions to these rallies from the White House to different media which is noteworthy.

30 December 2017
AbuOmar and Atshan in southern Idlib are liberated.

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports that Syrian army is advancing in southern Idlib and more regions are liberated.

30 December 2017
Investigating Four Decades War In Afghanistan

In despite that war in middle Asia is older than 40 years but the most devastating and tragic wars in contemporary history is Afghanistan war. The war whose fire began by communist Hammer and Sickle yesterday and its flares are coming out of American Hawk’s feathers today.

29 December 2017
Syrian army advance in Idlib governorate

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports that with withdrawal of militia in northern Hama and Syrian army advances more area is liberated in northern Hama and southern Idlib.

23 December 2017
Latest news from Yemen; 23 December 2017

Latest updates on fronts + Latest Yemen map

23 December 2017
Hankarat in south east of Damascus liberated by Syrian army

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian army liberated the important area of ‘Hankarat’ located south of Mazra`at Beit Jinn