» Adnan al-Zurufi

Wednesday 8 April 20 - 07:32

Does U.S. intend to attack Iraqi groups? Part 3

The region situation becoming more complex, the importance of Iraq in the issues and crisis of the region is still the first place. Iraq became the competition field between US. and Islamic resistance, and political movements have to choose one side. In this sense, American and Iranian officials paid visit to Iraq and met groups which we will cover here.

Saturday 4 April 20 - 10:41

Al-Zurufi demands parliament of Iraq session

ISWNews Analysis Group: PM candidate Adnan al-Zurufi reported to propose the plan of the administration and demands the official sitting of parliament for vote of the confidence.

Saturday 21 March 20 - 21:36

Opinion: Prime ministry challenge; this time with al-Zurufi

After Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi could not form the cabinet, Adnan al-Zurufi is introduced according to article 74 of constitution of Iraq to the parliament by president Barham Salih. Al-Zurufi should form his cabinet before 30 days from his introduction and send it for vote of the confidence to the parliament.

Wednesday 18 March 20 - 13:01

Iraqi new prime minister was assigned

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi president Barham Saleh appointed Adnan al-Zurufi for prime minister tenuring and cabinet forming in Iraq.