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Monday 27 January 20 - 21:21

Video: Footages of Nihm area to al-Jawf crossroad

Claiming the capital from Ansar Allah is one of primary missions of Saudi coalition in Yemen. As Mohammad Bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi, said in his last interviews that occupying Sanaa is not that difficult for them and the distance of their forces to Sanaa is less than 90 km! Now in one week […]

Friday 24 January 20 - 00:16

Yemen: Saudi-led Forces besieged in Nihm area by Ansar Allah!

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to latest information, today’s clashes in the eastern regions of Sanaa province, have continued and Ansar Allah has been successful in completing the blockading of Saudi coalition forces in the Nihm front.

Sunday 16 December 18 - 22:15

Latest Updates on Yemen 16th December 2018; Frontlines Situation

1. Cease-fire to start on 18th December in Yemen. UN announced that Yemen Cease-fire starts in two days. It is noteworthy that Cease-fire was agreed on in Sweden negotiations but Saudi Coalition operations against Ansar Allah in different fronts and also bombing in al Hudaydah city and province during the negotiations. The official start time […]