Latest updates on east of Sanaa front, 21 January 2020

Tuesday 21 January 2020 - 23:25

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday Mansour Hadi’s forces with support of Saudi coalition launched an operation in several axes against Ansar Allah.

The operation started by Saudi coalition airstrikes in Nihm axis, northeast of Sanaa. Ground attacks took place in several axes from Jawf province to Marib as follows:

1. Nihm front, northeast of Sanaa:
In this axis Saudi coalition claims to occupy heights Jarshab, Yam, Fardha and Dhabuah which is not yet confirmed without evidences.

2. Khab and Shaaf front, west of Jawf:
In this axis Saudi coalition forces attacked al-Aqabah and Ham heights and al-Ghayl area but no news released of them so far.
Ansar Allah has repelled the coalition in this axis in Ham heights and al-Ghayl with good defense.

3. In other fronts such as Sarwah and Malajim sporadic engagements have been reported. The engagements are in general to make Ansar Allah’s strength busy in eastern front.

In conclusion, the Saudi coalition operation in Nihm front, in despite of their own media proclaims, did not have any achievement yet and the advances can be confirmed only after evidences are shown.

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